Cala Kumquat Gin

Distilled in Belgium with the utmost respect for the art of traditional, artisanal distillation, Cala Kumquat gin is exceptional in more ways than one.

Firstly, it fully expresses the authenticity of its 100% natural ingredients, all of which have been individually distilled in copper stills. These ingredients include the basic ingredients of a London Dry gin, a premium neutral grain alcohol and juniper berries, to which a worldwide-unique distillate of certified organic kumquats and distillates of lemon, orange, hops, cocoa, malted barley and cloves have been added.

Secondly, once the various distillates have been blended, their exquisite flavours come together beautifully and intensify each other, which gives Cala Kumquat gin its perfectly mastered freshness and smoothness.

And last but not least, the bottle, available at most quality wine merchants and several prestigious restaurants in Belgium, is the result of a collaboration between Belgian artists and artisans who wear their outstanding expertise with pride.