Cala Kumquat Bitter

Cala Kumquat bitter is a bitter, flamboyantly coloured liqueur that is very popular as an aperitif or a digestive. Bitter is a key ingredient to many cocktails, such as the well-known Sprits. Cala Kumquat bitter is made from an organic kumquat distillate, neutral grain alcohol, organic cane sugar and a distillate of citrus peel, bitter plants and roots.
All these ingredients have been blended according to the rules of the art and tradition under the careful eye of the master distiller.

Aficionados particularly appreciate its 100% natural character and its perfectly controlled and beautifully balanced tartness.

Los aficionados aprecian su carácter 100% natural y su amargor perfectamente dominado y equilibrado.

100% natural ingredients

Cala Kumquat bitter is composed of organic neutral grain alcohol, an organic kumquat distillate, organic cane sugar and a distillate of bitter roots and plants.

Lemon zest
Orange zest
Organic grain alcohol

Tasting notes by Antoine Lehebel

(Head-Sommelier of the restaurant Bon Bon and holder of several awards, including that of Best Sommelier of Belgium in 2014,Vice-President of the Belgian Sommeliers Guild )



Complex, spicy, notes of gentian, red fruit, juicy citrus.

Well-defined, high-quality flavour.



The attack on the palate is sweet, complex and expressive. Citrus and mild spices are dominant. The bitterness builds in intensity as the aftertaste persists. Aromatic notes.



The bitterness gets the upper hand, leading to a rather dry finish.

How to enjoy Cala Kumquat bitter

Neat and chilled (4°C – 6°C)

With ice cubes.

The classic mix

Served Spritz-style, diluted with prosecco brut and served on the rocks in a large Rococo-style glass.

In a cocktail

Bitter is a key ingredient of some of the world’s most iconic cocktails. Use Cala Kumquat bitter to revisit the classic Negroni or a more trendy cocktail. We have cocktail recipes for every taste, which are bound to inspire you!

Food pairing

Try foie gras topped with a compote of citrus zest drenched in bitter.