100% natural ingredients

Cala Kumquat gin is made from the distillates of various berries, plants and fresh fruits.  All are distilled separately and according to traditional methods at Biercée Distillery and mixed with infinite precision by its master distiller.

From neutral grain alcohol to juniper berries, kumquats, cocoa and other citrus fruits and plants, all ingredients used in Cala Kumquat ginare of the highest quality and 100% natural.

Juniper berries
Organic kumquats
Untreated lemons
Untreated oranges
Malted barley

Only nature and its fruits make it into the Cala Kumquat gin bottles. No artificial flavourings (even those known as “natural”), preservatives, flavour enhancers or added sugar are used.

The 100% certified organic kumquats used in this exceptional gin are grown at “La Finca Rio Jara”, a 10-hectare farm in Southern Andalusia belonging to a Belgian farmer friend of the creator of Cala Kumquat gin. These kumquat trees have been grown for over 30 years according to the most environmentally- and biodiversity-friendly standards.

The kumquats are picked by hand when perfectly ripe to ensure the fullest possible flavour, using small clippers to preserve the stalks. The planting and packaging of the kumquats from “La Finca Rio Jara” are certified by the highly reliable labelGlobal GAP No. 4050373628802.

Like the kumquats, all ingredients in Cala Kumquat gin are taken directly from nature to the steeping tanks, copper stills, ageing tanks and mixing tanks at the distillery before finally being bottled.

Did you know?

Kumquats are the smallest citrus fruit and are eaten whole, with their slightly bitter skin. They originally came from Asia and their name means “golden orange” in Cantonese. According to one Chinese legend, they bring good fortune to those lucky enough to receive them as a gift.

Which all makes Cala Kumquat gin a perfect symbol of luck and prosperity, whether as a beverage or as a gift.