Dry Martini


Difficulty **

  • 6 cl Cala Kumquat gin
  • 2 cl white vermouth
  • 2 drops Angostura
  • ice cubes


  • 2 green pitted olives, pricked on a stick.
  • jigger
  • mixing glass
  • bar spoon
  • strainer
  • chilled Martini coupe
  • Cool the serving glass by placing a few ice cubes in it. Reserve.
  • Fill the mixing glass 2/3 full with ice cubes.
  • Turn the ice cubes in the mixing glass for a few seconds to cool it down.
  • Then place the strainer on the mixing glass and lean it over a sink or a bowl to drain the water while keeping the ice cubes into the mixing glass.
  • Pour the ingredients, one by one, into the mixing glass.
  • Stir well holding the glass at its base. Stir until the rim of the glass are glazed.
  • When you have finished stirring (+/- 10 sec.), remove the ice cubes from the serving glass. This should now be well cooled.
  • Put the strainer on the rim of the mixing glass and gently pour the cocktail into the chilled coupe, taking care to block the ice cubes with the strainer.
  • Once in the serving glass, there should be no ice cubes in the cocktail.
  • For decoration, dip the stick with the 2 olives in the coupe or simply place it on the rim. 
  • Enjoy this great classic!