Cala Kumquat Vodka

Cala Kumquat vodka, which is the result of traditional distillation carried out with painstaking precision and care in the Eastern Cantons of Belgium, is a true masterpiece of smoothness. It is a blend of organically produced grain alcohol, malt spirit and a distillate of certified organic kumquats. No flavouring substances, even natural, have been added.

Served at room temperature, or ice cold for a more refreshing mouthfeel, this vodka reveals the full quintessence of the flavour and bouquet of fresh organic kumquats.

100% natural ingredients

All the ingredients used in the Cala Kumquat vodka are of the finest quality and organically grown.

Grain alcohol
Malt spirit
Kumquat distillate

Tasting notes by Antoine Lehebel

(Head-Sommelier of the restaurant Bon Bon and holder of several awards, including that of Best Sommelier of Belgium in 2014, Vice-President of the Belgian Sommeliers Guild )



Intense and particularly pure. Pronounced citrus zest flavour.  Fine alcohol quality. Very pleasant on the nose.



Very pure and refreshing attack.  Relatively light in texture, lovely fullness on the middle palate.



Long-lasting aftertaste thanks to the very high quality, warm finish, balanced by kumquat aromas.

How to enjoy Cala Kumquat vodka

Neat and chilled (4 °C to 6 °C)

When drinking Cala Kumquat vodka neat, connoisseurs will particularly appreciate its fine aromas of fresh kumquats. Serve chilled, but not with ice cubes to avoid diluting it.

Long drink

With ginger ale, ice cubes or a kumquat slice or lime quarter.

In a cocktail

Variations on the dry Martini using a spicy vermouth for a wintery touch.

Food pairing

In a jelly to enhance an oyster dish.