Cala Kumquat Gin – Crate 40% alc/vol – 70cl

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Belgian gin distilled from fresh organic kumquats, juniper berries and six other 100% natural ingredients.  In a crate. The perfect gift.

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Cala Kumquat gin is made from 100% natural ingredients:

  • juniper berries,
  • fresh organic kumquats,
  • fresh Primo Fiore untreated lemons,
  • fresh untreated oranges,
  • cocoa from Ivory Coast,
  • dried hop cones,
  • malted barley grains,
  • cloves.

Each ingredient of this exceptional gin is distilled separately into a hammered copper still.
Each distillate is then placed in stainless steel vats for several months before being blended with the other seven distillates in a meticulous, specific and secret dosage by the master distiller

The result is an authentic and artisanal gin with real citrus smells and tastes. A gin for connoisseurs.

Tasting notes:

  • Nose: notes of fresh citrus fruits and cocoa and even a hint of iodine.
  • Taste: the start is round, smooth, without aggressiveness. A hint of citrus fruit with a hint of bitterness brought by the skin of kumquats, hops and cocoa. A beautiful harmony.
  • After taste: beautiful natural length in the mouth with a slight return of cocoa taste.

Additional information

Weight 1.240 g
Dimensions 8.83 × 8.83 × 22.6 cm

70 cl

Alcohol /volume



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