Cala Kumquat Vodka 40% alc/vol – 70cl

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Cala Kumquat vodka is made from neutral grain alcohol, malt spirit and organic kumquat distillate. All these ingredients are distilled and blended according to the rules of the art and tradition by the master distiller of the Radermacher distillery, located in Raeren, in the Eastern Cantons of Belgium.

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All the ingredients used in the Cala Kumquat vodka are of the highest quality and organically grown.

  • Organic grain alcohol
  • Malt spirit
  • Kumquat distillate

Tasting notes

  • Nose : Intense and particularly pure. Pronounced citrus zest flavour.  Fine alcohol quality. Very pleasant on the nose.
  • Taste : Very pure and refreshing attack.  Relatively light in texture, lovely fullness on the middle palate.
  • Aftertaste : Long-lasting aftertaste thanks to the very high quality, warm finish, balanced by kumquat aromas.

Additional information

Weight 1.240 g
Dimensions 8.83 × 8.83 × 22.6 cm

70 cl

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